Sustainability has always been important for the health of our planet. However, as more people are becoming aware of how they can make a difference in protecting the environment and being eco-friendly, it makes perfect sense to ensure that we incorporate sustainable practices into the management of our hotel on premises.

Hotel guests from all walks of life certainly do take note when traveling to a vacation spot. They want to know their hotels follow sustainable practices and only want hotels that care about the future of our planet.We are an eco‐friendly hotel where we ensure to dispose of your linens, towels and blankets in the most reasonably respectful way possible. If you have a request to have the linens changed, you can alert our staff by placing the blue card above any bed you wish to have refreshed. Using cards ensures that we don’t run out of stock for different pieces of laundry or reuse faulty materials. These same principles apply to all our fabrics and other waste products used at our hotel as this helps us become more environmentally friendly overall.

We believe every small change helps. Plus, when it comes to a certain thing such as toiletries, we all have the ethics to do our bit. If you choose to purchase one of these two great products they’ll be less environmentally harmful and also ethically sourced; which means that you know exactly how they were made.

Another important fact is that all of our products are made with high quality materials so not only will your hotel guests enjoy an impeccable experience with them in full comfort, but you’ll also be providing them with the assurance that your linen tablecloths won’t ever wear out after the first clean!